Friday, February 6, 2009

The obligatory introductory post

Hello and welcome, one and all, to Mulling Over The Multiverse – which you could also refer to as, if you so choose, “MOTM”, “Multiverse”, “The ‘Verse”, or “The Blog By That Crazy Guy Who I Am Avoiding Eye Contact With”. I am your host, Joseph Cassano (although my Blogger username is JPLC). Sit down, take a load off. Relax. Shall I take your coat? Would you like a beverage? No? Well then, if you are fine and comfortable, let us begin.

Now first, I should probably reveal a bit more of myself, just so we can all be on the same page (relatively). I am, as I said before, Joseph Cassano. I am an 18 year old male Canadian who is attempting to achieve an education in game design in my post-secondary studies. As that probably indicates, I am a big gamer. I was born and raised on consoles (my first system that I can remember, in fact, was a SNES, though I have played the NES in my day). I may not be a big PC gamer as I do not find the interface (keyboard and mouse) to be intuitive for me in terms of gaming, but I have a great respect for the PC gaming scene. My current gaming hardware thus consists of a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, PC, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and sometimes my cell phone. I hold no special allegiance to any one brand (I shed whatever fanboy-ism I had long ago), but I am more knowledgeable of Nintendo’s and Sony’s efforts over Microsoft’s for the mere fact that the only Xbox 360 I actively used was my brother’s. For the sake of conversation, my favourite game is Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, but I have a wide assortment of games that I can easily say I love. Alternatively, I have games that I enjoy in nearly every genre, but if I had to choose favourite genres, I would have to say RPG (mainly JRPG), Action, and Action Adventure. It is safe to say that games are thus a big part of my life.

Games, however, are not all I am interested in. I am a big fan of animation of all kinds, but I tend to lean more towards anime as it is much easier to find works that take themselves seriously in anime than in North American animation (my knowledge of the animation scenes in Europe and the like is sorely lacking). That does not mean I do not have any Western animations that I love, however. Examples of animated efforts that I adore, regardless of where they were made, are Studio Ghibli works (My Neighbor Totoro, Whisper of the Heart, Howl’s Moving Castle, etc); Pixar works (WALL-E, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, etc); Satoshi Kon works (Paranoia Agent, Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika, etc); Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Evangelion; Shoji Kawamori’s The Vision of Escaflowne and Macross Plus; Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant, and many more. I also try to keep an eye out for interesting web-based animations, and to that end, I am a frequenter of and YouTube. Yes, animation, like gaming, is a big part of my life.

But that’s not all! I also love philosophy (though, admittedly, my knowledge of the various fields is limited), fiction, non-fiction, music, reading, writing, the Internet, life, the universe, and everything!

I have a wide range of interests, and this blog will thus be about all of them. Granted, I may tend to write more about one area than others, but I am letting you know that there is no distinct “theme” to this place. This is a place for me to reflect on my interests, no matter what they may be. So, if you, the reader, are willing, I invite you to stay a while. This place will have no strict schedule or anything, but I would be honoured if you gave it a chance. Do not think of this as “good-bye”, then, but more as “see you later”.

And so it begins…


  1. Civil? This is the internet!

    MGS:2 is your favorite game? Interesting, I would have never guessed. Loved the story of it but I'd still choose MGS1 over it any day.

    Have u heard of the anime One-outs? its the only one I can stand because it's all about baseball.

    So... Best intro post ever?
    I had to comment because starting a blog is discouraging if it feels like you're writing and nobody is reading.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Vescio! I really appreciate it; blogging does kinda feel like shouting into an empty room, sometimes. =P

    And I can't say I've heard of One-outs specifically, but I have stumbled across murmurs and screens of baseball animes now and again. I can't say a baseball anime would be a natural choice for me, but maybe I should give these sports animes a fair shake?

  3. nice intro post and I'll let you guess who this is because the system is mine (never gonna give you up) lol

  4. p'tit giusepps! it's your sister.

    so, speaking of your love of animation...i have some dvds of russian animation from the 60s and 70s that i think you'd love, and they're pretty amazing. not only visually, but some pretty serious messages there behind the images.

    this one's pretty basic, based on a fairytale, but it's i think the stop-motion technique is great:

    criticizing bureaucracy/hierarchy:

    more socio-policitcal commentary:

    very very controversial (the latter 2) due to soviet censorship issues at the time.

    look up soyzmultfilm studio. more stuff you might like. also, youtube "starevich" for amazing early 20th century stop-motion.

    i wish you could see these on dvd. they look so much better. ask to borrow the dvds when you come home next!

  5. @Anonymous: Oh I have a good idea who this is... brother. =)

    @Candice: I've given those vids a look, and they were pretty good. I may have to borrow the dvds after all. =P


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