Monday, March 23, 2009

Change of tone, introducing of accounts.

It had been a while since I last posted, so I decided to give it a shot with this. Previously, I had been reserving myself (mainly) for thought-out “essay”-like posts (with my Watchmen and Flower posts being prime examples). While I will probably do more “essays” in the future, I have decided that I will post in a less formal matter as well. After all, a blog’s a blog. Mind you, that doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily be pouring my soul or anything, but it will mean more personalized posts from time to time. Hopefully it works out well, and hopefully it gets me to post more often.

That being said, there are some blog-keeping things I think I should bring up.

Firstly, I have changed my username here, on Blogger, to JPLC. I was previously The Unknown, and although I have been using that name in various places for years and I think of it as mine, I realized that things could get confusing. After all, I have quite a few different usernames in use in various places. Thus, I decided to go a more personal route with JPLC. The LiveJournal version of this blog is under the username jplc as well, and it’s a name I’ve been using in various other places. I think it will make things less of a headache, so that’s always good. Hopefully this change doesn’t rock anybody’s world or anything. =P

Secondly, I have set up an account on Twitter (username’s JPLC). I know it’s kind of useless to have at the moment considering you need people to follow you before you can really do anything meaningful with it, but I created an account there just in case. Everybody’s hopping on to Twitter, it seems, and I thought it would be best to get signing up over with now. If it goes south, I can always get rid of the account anyway, so that’s a plus. I have put the link to my Twitter account on the side column thing here, and on the Blogger version of this blog, it can display my 5 most recent “tweets” too. Fascinating.

Lastly, I have set up a Gamasutra account (Gamasutra uses users’ actual names for all its members). For those who are unaware, Gamasutra is a video game oriented site in which students of gaming to game developers themselves can interact. Another thing I did just in case, and since I am headed into the industry anyway, it seems prudent. Plus, there’s a game job finding helper thingie there too (some have called Gamasutra the Monster of gaming). Again, a link to the account is in the side column thing.

Also, in a completely unrelated matter, I am attempting facial hair. My ideal is a beard of some kind, but as of now, it is a ‘stache, some cheek hair, chin hair, sideburns, and neck hair. I personally don’t mind how things look at the moment, but I will have to wait until I return from living on residence to get a proper reaction from family and the like. It’s true that I could post a pic or something, but I’m deciding against that. =P

So yeah, hopefully this post leads to posting more regularly in the future.

Until next time…

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