Saturday, April 25, 2009

And as soon as it had begun, it had ended, and I had been left to start anew.

No, I have not forgotten about the blog. Far from it. It has been nibbling on the edges of my mind, and I have had urges to post many times, but I halted myself from acting on those occasions. The school year was coming to a close, and final assignments, exams, and procrastinating from either took the utmost precedence. But my last exam ended at 2:00 PM two days ago (Thursday, April 23). The school year, she is now over. The summer, she can now begin.

And with the summertime shall come more posts. The blog shall become lively again, if all goes well, and thus you will have something to read. I have been devouring the PS3 game Mirror's Edge as of late, so a post on that can be expected in the future. Also, I aim to finally make some posts on animation since it is, as stated in the first blog post, as big a part of my life as gaming is. In short, I have ideas for future posts, and this summer will see those ideas come to fruition.

I apologize for making this such a short post as one would expect something more substantial after quite a period of textual drought, but be comforted by the fact that there is more on the way. The end of the school year has freed up my time quite substantially, and I do not plan to let all that free time go to waste.

Until next time, I leave you with something that will hopefully make you smile (it sure made my day when I found it):

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