Monday, May 18, 2009

If it ain't broke, it soon will be. Also, House meets Haddaway.

Yes, I am still alive, despite what you may have suspected. It seems my initial promise of more blog posts during the summer was heard by the gods of digital destruction, and they appear to want to toy with me for as long as they can.

Y'see, my Internet has recently been very, very screwy. Disconnections and the like abound, creating chaos and havoc everywhere. On top of this, my laptop's monitor has decided to stop functioning. It may just be the screen, or it may be a video card issue. Either way, it is presently unusable, and it will have to be taken to someone for a fix (I'm using my brother's laptop to punch out this post). These problems will make timely posting very unlikely, so until things get resolved, don't expect much. I hope to be done of this madness soon, however.

Now, if this were any other day, I would probably have ended the post at that as I do not have much else to say presently, but this is not any other day. No, this day is important, to a degree. This day is the day of What Is House. Allow me to explain:

I had watched the Season 5 finale of House M.D. with my brother recently, and we were both impressed. The show is going to be very interesting come Season 6, and I await it with much impatience. The finale itself, though -- especially the final scene -- was a fine piece of television. I will not try to spoil it for those unaware, but the final scene was a montage of events with music playing over top (this kind of montage is not uncommon for House M.D.). It was a good montage, but soon after watching, my brain came up with an idea to make it better. Well, maybe not "better", per se, but definitely funnier. My brain had decided that the montage would fit smashingly with Haddaway's hit song What Is Love.

I'm not sure how that thought came to me in the first place, but it was a powerful enough thought to spring me into action. I found the end montage online, muted it, and played it alongside What Is Love. The results were uncannily hilarious. Thus, the below video was created by me and hosted on YouTube (the video is flipped, though, so YouTube doesn't freak out; the audio is fine) (House M.D. Season 5 finale spoilers contained within the video, watch at your own risk):

(Direct YouTube link)

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did when I first "discovered" the hilarity. Feel free to share the URL with friends. =P

Until next post, then. May the gods of fixed computers ensure that it happens soon.

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