Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mulling things over in a Press of Words, and something with Gamasutra

This post is just to inform those who read this that there is now a WordPress version of this blog (it can be found at and my username there is JPLC). It will be similar to the LiveJournal version in that it will have the same content as this one, essentially acting as just a mirror (except maybe in rare occasions). One day, I may choose just one place to mull over the multiverse from, but as of now I do it from three locations: here, LiveJournal, and (once again) WordPress. However, as of writing this, I still consider the Blogger location (here) to be the primary location. Take that as you will.

Also, in an unrelated matter, in my previous post (the one about console video game archival), I stated that I had also posted it on gaming news site Gamasutra in my free Member Blog. Well, it seems that it was a wise thing for me to do: the post netted me a lifetime subscription to Gamasutra's sister publication, Game Developer Magazine! You see, every week the Gamasutra staff collects stand-out Member Blogs of that week and makes a post about it (this week's post can be found here). Out of the ones they choose, though, only one is selected as their favourite, and to the person who wrote that post they give the aforementioned subscription. In this week's case, mine is apparently the favourite! I am deeply grateful and I am looking forward to receiving my first issue; it has been quite some time since I've had a subscription to a gaming magazine.

So, yeah, this is basically just a "state-of-the-blog" post. The next one should be actually about something (whenever I decide to post). Stay tuned...?

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