Saturday, July 10, 2010

Migrating to My New Website

I've finally decided to take the plunge: I now have my own website.


The main pages are pretty bare bones at the moment (just some text and a picture), so you can basically ignore that for now. What you shouldn't ignore, though, is the blog page I have on the site.

Behold again!

As you can probably guess, having the blog on my own site now means that these freely hosted versions are somewhat useless. I won't be posting in the Blogger, LiveJournal, or Wordpress locations anymore; all future posts will be on the blog on my site (which is powered by Wordpress). I'll still leave the previous versions of the blog open, though, so people who stumble upon them can learn of the new location.

So yeah. Come on over to the new site for my posts from now on. Let us hope that having my own site will kinda give me a lil kick in the ass in terms of posting again.

See you there!